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You have some issue, which bothers you and could not find someone to talk to. Consult with us & feel relaxed every time.

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Why iListen


In case you have something to discuss and not find someone to share with, or wish to talk to somebody, then, iListen is available to you. We do provides a neutral ground to the individuals, families and couples. 

Our Focus


We aim to help individuals heal, energise, as well as become aware of their inner strengths. We achieve this by offering a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns and guiding you through depression counselling, career advice, pre-marital counselling, relationship counselling, motivational counselling, stress management and one to one chat programs as per your strengths, beliefs & situation you are in.

Our Promise to YOU


We promise to be with you in every step of your journey. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles as well as overcoming depression, as well as heal you from your pain, and help to look forward to where you are willing to be in your life. 

Grow with Us


Relationship Counselling


Relationship counselling is highly necessary for those couples who wish to strengthen their emotional bonding, in all the stages of their relationship. We hold sessions with both the couples and a supportive platform for discussing issues as well as offer marriage counselling solutions to strengthen your relationship. 


Career Advice

Career counselling is a must for you. Most of the times we don’t realise about our strengths hence take hasty and lousy career decision by looking forward at someone who is highly successful. Talk to us, and we might guide you through career counselling programs as per your strength. 


Depression & Anxiety

Depression, fear, and anxiety are mostly the universal and uncomfortable emotions that we people go through at some point in our lives. Through the process of counselling and depression chat rooms, we can help you recover, depression, motivation, perspective, and the joy that once you had in life. 



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Thanks  a lot I would like to encourage other people who got problems  like me  they suppose to talk to you because your service helped me a  lot .I'm  out of stress and problems now.


I just wanna say thanks a lot to  iListen, your service really has been  helpful, I felt a lot better after  talking to you and I'd like to  encourage other people out there who got  problems that are stressing  them that iListen is the best. You should  try it and see for your self

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